The Brutal Truth About Being Single In Your 40s

It’s about trying new pathways and foregoing the foolish completely carefree abandon one might have had in previous decades. Our editors have independently chosen the products listed on this page. If you purchase something mentioned in this article, we may earn a small commission. If you’re also in your 30s or 40s, you’re probably in the same place.

Dating in today’s landscape can present confusing expectations around gender roles. It’s likely you and your partner will have different ideas and philosophies, especially when you’re financially independent and used to being single. Do you want the door opened for you, or do you want to open it yourself? Not being on the same page can lead to awkwardness and resentment. But there are nuances to be aware of that weren’t factors in our 20s.

It was a really terrible experience that made me pause dating for about half a year. I know that that is not the totality of the experience for others, but that was mine. Jumping back onto the app now in its current stage was interesting; it still had some of the elements I really enjoyed with the previous iteration. Quizzes still dominate the experience, which serves as a fun way to get the whole thing going again.

I was told so many times to think about our history together. Well, the time you have invested in someone is just that – it is history. Evaluate “the history” as you need to; but, don’t let it rule your decision.

why do women in their 40s go for younger men?

Don’t ignore red flags when you see them because that leads to heartbreak and a waste of your time. This guy is giving you a peek under the tent that he’ll never learn to respect women, including you. He always finds a way to discourage you from sticking around.

With kids out of the nest, an older man may have more time for you.

“Once we’re in our 40s, our personalities have solidified and we generally know who we are,” says Paget. “If you are interested in a 40-something guy who could be ‘perfect’ if only he changed x, y, and z about himself, you might want to press pause. Forty-something men aren’t fixer uppers; they come preassembled.

You want real results with real women who are genuinely interested in you. Whatever your circumstances are, jumping into the world of online dating when you’re over 40 can be tricky. If you want my team to just do your online dating for you, click here. When you’re dating, set the negativity aside and put your best self forward.

She dreams to create an uplifting documentary one day, inspired by her experiences with strangers. Who I am alone, free from common stereotypes, social influences, and the people around me. And I believe you also shouldn’t define happiness by your relationship status. If you’re in your 40s and still single, you should omit “still” and change the phrase to “40s and single”. As you can see, there are many reasons why you can be happy and single in your 40s at the same time.

There’s a mutual understanding that if you’re on EliteSingles, you’re either a working or retired professional looking to meet other professionals with similar interests. The site caters to a more mature audience, with more than 90 percent of users being 30 or older with higher education. OkCupid has a couple of tiers of paid plans, though the free version is plenty functional.

Good things come to those who have even better things to care about. Now you might be thinking, “What’s more important than finding love? Majority of users appear to be after long-term, serious relationships. Users on Zoosk can verify their account with their phone number and Facebook account. They can also apply to verify their profile photo, which is done by emailing a selfie video to the site admins. The one major downside of Zoosk is its private messaging feature, which requires a paid membership of around $25 per month to send and read texts.

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The information we share is based on subjective opinions and does not have to be treated as legal or professional advice. DatingReviewer is an advertising-supported site, and it contains sponsored facts. You can find more detailed information in the advertiser disclosure section. What you like can be spaced separately, and for any profile, you don’t like, it’s easy to have it out with no person being hurt. They are your best friend who’s working hard to find a partner. Their algorithm is such that the more time spent on site, the better it gets close to finding your match with suitability in concern.


Profiles look similar to profiles on Match and allow folks to see similarities in location, age, and other parameters. Events I saw included speed dating, food tasting, happy hour, and even a surfing event that are local to the area. While I didn’t personally attend these events, I do think that they absolutely would enhance the capacity to meet and see if there is chemistry in person with fun shared activities.

If you used to get matches and responses but don’t get any matches or responses anymore, then you may be shadowbanned. I can help you get back on the apps in my group coaching program. You want to avoid relying solely on 1 app because you run the risk of dealing with app-specific glitches, or even being shadow-banned. Being shadow-banned is when your account looks live but it’s actually being blocked from view from other potential matches. Is free dating or a premium package the right decision for you? Tell trusted friends that you’re on the market and ask them if they know any potential matches.

Also, they have an everyday chance to meet women from different countries and ethnicities. The only general motif behind online dating platforms is matchmaking. On profound wonder, the thought that arrives is that it’s MAGIC to do something like this. Not all, but very few sites have taken up the notion of informing you of any social events around your neighborhood.