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No matter which part of the world you´re from, we are your Metal community that will bring you together with other Metal fans. But while research has found some evidence of such desensitisation in people who play a lot of violent video games, music, it seems, is different. Lead researcher Yanan Sun explained that the aim of the experiment was to measure how much participants’ brains noticed violent scenes, and to compare how their sensitivity was affected by the musical accompaniment. What’s even more amazing is that she appears to be doing this all quite naturally and with relative ease. Aaralyn is at the age where a lot of first-time screamers begin to figure out how to develop this technique, but she’s already had years of experience and practice, so it shouldn’t be a surprise she’s come so far. Well, alright then, that should be a good start to either get you interested in death metal or effectively turn you off forever.

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A dating site that understands this and can provide an alternative lifestyle, as well as suitable partners and online dating options, is much needed. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut, even if it means losing friends, taking a pay cut, or leaving a city you love. And though you may be acting unfair or irrational on paper, a metalhead will take your side no matter what. They’ve spent their whole lives being told that the other thing they love most in the world is “over”, “dead”, or “stupid”, so they know a thing or two about sticking to their guns when the whole world turns its nose up at them. Metal is never “whatever’s on the radio.” Headbangers are hopelessly completed by the art they adore, and follow it for their sheer love of it.

Morbid Angel are widely acknowledged to have the best selling death metal album of all time. Their 1993 album Covenant marked the genre’s initial foray into the mainstream music world, selling 127,000 copies in the United States. Cannibal Nevermet Corpse are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a box set that includes all of their 12 studio albums, released on March 16. Vader is one of the longest-running death metal bands, and pretty much all the material is great.

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The epic and over-the-top adventures of Dethklok, the world’s most successful death metal band. Death metal can be about everything metal is about, and metal obviously loves Satan. Arguably the first real death metal album ever, Possessed’s Seven Churches, is very satanic. But because it’s very kinetic and obsessed with cinematic gore, the satanism of death metal is often more about getting torn apart by demons than the philosophical or religious side of devil-worship. In those days, death metal was still denigrated for its occultish, grim and hyper-violent lyrical subject matter.

Mainman Karl Sanders leads a seemingly revolving-door line-up of supporting musicians, and yet has consistently delivered brutal technical death metal since 1993. Incorporating garage rock influences into their sound, Stockholm, Sweden’s Entombed pioneered a death metal subgenre that came to be known as death’n’roll. It’s best exemplified on the 1993 classic Wolverine Blues, and is a sound that has been drawn from in recent years by the likes of Black Breath and Trap Them. Hopefully, through all of this, the future of brutal death metal and deathcore can be a more welcoming place for women.

Both are raw high-quality examples of the style well-worth checking out, even if they don’t reach the heights of Dismember and Entombed. But don’t forget there’s all walks of musical life here so more popular names will take precedence. Great mix of growling and clean, melodic singing on many of their older tracks. And if the growling isn’t your cup of tea after all, their newer albums drop it completely anyway, so still plenty of music in their catalogue for you to enjoy!

Formed in 2006 and pulling from the likes of Decapitated, Gojira and Behemoth, their extreme deathcore is a hit in their homeland and has taken them on tours around the world, proving death metal is alive and kicking. Larissa actually stepped away from death metal for a while and got her start fronting bands in the hardcore. That scene allowed her to express herself in ways she might not have been able to in death metal.

Frontman Glen Benton famously burned an inverted cross onto his forehead and once claimed he’d commit suicide at age 33 as an anti-Jesus statement. Sweden’s At The Gates took death metal in a more accessible direction in the early 90s, pioneering a distinct “Gothenburg sound”. Their seminal album, Slaughter Of The Soul, was nominated for a Swedish Grammy in 1995, while its lead track, ‘Blinded By Fear’, enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. Though frontman Nergal would prefer his band to not be pigeonholed, Poland’s Behemoth have navigated toward a more death-metal sound from their roots in black metal. Nergal faced criminal charges for tearing up a Bible in 2007, while Behemoth are forbidden from playing shows in Poznan. “Many people enjoy sad music, and that’s a bit of a paradox – why would we want to make ourselves sad?” he asked.

She was Wally West’s girlfriend back in Blue Valley when she suddenly started manifesting powerful magnetic abilities. For a long time, she was reluctant to pick a codename or costume, but she first appeared as Magenta in March 1987’s New Teen Titans #29. She and Wally broke up not long afterwards (around July 1987’s The Flash #2) and she had taken a dark turn by the time of Early September 1993’s The Flash #80. Born on 10 October 1983 in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, Hale learned to play the piano at the age of five and the guitar at the age of sixteen. Hale and her brother Arejay released their debut EP in 1997, Forecast for the Future and their second, (Don’t Mess With The) Time Man in 1999.

Perhaps one of the most diverse genres within modern rock music, heavy metal has grown to a massive success throughout the United States and Europe since its beginnings in the late 1960s. A double-life is nothing new to the actor, it’s just become more apparent in recent years. Since 2013, she’s played Orange Is the New Black’s hard-as-nails inmate Maria Ruiz, who suffered through a pregnancy while incarcerated and was forced to give her baby away. Meanwhile, Pimentel has been fronting the confrontational indie death-metal group Alekhine’s Gun, which has released two EPs and has gigged across the East Coast playing alongside the likes of Kittie and the Ocean, among others. Both of her careers will be recognized at a benefit gala in Brooklyn this Friday for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, an occasion for which Kathleen Hanna is serving as honorary event chair and Pimentel is an honoree.

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